Date: ________ Dachshund: M / F DOB: ________ Color: ________ Price: $_______

Shot / worming record provided separately. This breeder prefers NOT to use Lepto in vaccinations. If sold at reduced price for pet, registration papers can be held until proof of spay/neuter.

Breeder: Adorable Dachshunds

Buyer: _______________________             _____________________________

Seller:  _______________________              _____________________________


    1)  To the best of our knowledge, this dog is in good healthy condition,                       exception: ______________________________________ (NC Law Requires)

    2)  This pup/dog is sold as: Show/Breeding ______ Pet Quality only ______ (No guarantee of perfect conformation, size, color, coat or temperament is given.)

    3)  This pup/dog is sold with an application for registration with AKC and at the time of sale, pup/dog is fully eligible for registration. If at any time due to circumstances beyond breeders control (actions of others) AKC papers are suspended, this Breeder cannot be held responsible.

    4)  Buyer may elect to have the pup/dog examined by a certified vet within 72 hours from purchase at cost to the buyer. If any life threatening condition is found, Buyer may return puppy with report from a licensed vet within 96 hours. If our vet confirms condition, pup will be replaced with another pup of same sex and equal value when one is available. Buyer is responsible for all shipping expenses. Some allowance of return time will be given if the pup/dog was shipped and weather conditions prohibit the pup/dog from being shipped back. If Buyer elects not to have examination, guarantee is void.

    5)  Buyer shall assume full responsibility for the health, temperament, and appearance of the pup/dog upon possession, although we breed for temperament, health, and quality.

    6)  Buyer certifies this puppy is not for resale and that said puppy will never be placed in an animal shelter or used for experimental purposes, and that this pup will never be tied up or chained. Right of first refusal will be given to the Breeder/Seller if Buyer is unable to keep the pup.

    7)  Purchase and sale of this dog shall fall under the jurisdiction of the laws of Henderson County, NC and matters shall be dealt with as per the laws governing this location. If litigation finds in favor of Breeder/Seller, Buyer shall be responsible for Breeder’s attorney’s fees, expenses, and all court costs.

    8)  Under no circumstances is Breeder/Seller to be held responsible for medical services once Buyer takes possession of pup.

    9) When purchasing a dilute puppy the seller makes no guarantee as to the quality of coat or skin of the puppy.

    10) Deposits on pups are non-refundable. If the puppy is not picked up within 72 hours of their 56th day (8-weeks old) the non-refundable deposit is kept by Logan Blades/Adorable Dachshunds unless other arrangements are made.

    11) All dogs come with a health record to show the dates the puppies are wormed and vaccinated.

    12) Adorable Dachshunds is not responsible for Internal or External parasites. Although we make every effort to prevent all parasites, some may still occur.

    13) Adorable Dachshunds is not responsible for any condition affecting the third eyelid of any miniature dachshund. This includes but is not limited to the condition sometimes known as "Cherry Eye" or "Entropion".

    14) Signing below means you have read and accepted all terms set forth by this contract.

    Buyer (Print):    ____________________________

Name (Sign):_______________________________
Phone #:_______________________________

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