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Past pups here at Adorable Dachshunds!

Doug went to live in MD with Dave and Bill two of the greatest guys I have met! They have some very sweet Dachshunds to keep Doug company and we are assured we will be kept up to date with more shots like these!
Doug was on the news click on the button below to see his guest appearance.

Leah & Ian Adopted sweet little Ony and Hailey (soon to be renamed). Below are pictures of Leah and Ian's wedding with Ony as best dog!


Thank you Leah & Ian for sharing the photos with us!

We have been lucky enough to share our lives with some great photographers. Below you will see Emma went to a home with Rachel Barker. Rachel is a professional photographer as you can see.
Tate went to Jay where he is being spoiled daily! Thank you for the updates and the pictures!!

Rosie & Dash live with Mimika and Family in Charlotte. Mimika is a professional photographer and has given us permission to use these pictures. For more information please visit her page at www.photolyrical.com .

Paisley went to live with Jennifer and Hallie her other Dachshund she got from us. Her family absolutely love the two of them and we could not have asked for a better home for these two! Here is a picture of Paisley in her new home!
Shanna came and picked out Nate Griffin the Red Pie and then she wanted Anna Brooke. They are a great pair in a wonderful home! Here is the picture Shanna sent to us.
Cammo went to live with Audrey in FL where he joined Reese & Turbo they share the same sire!
Below is Reese & Turbo both Sired by our very own Hershey.
Thanks Audrey for updating and Sharing your great family with us!!
Jazi holding Minnie down in FL. They have given her such a good home!

Baby & Bear down in FL. Thanks for keeping us posted George!





Juliann and family took these two sweet babies off our hands.

This is Dash out on the lake with Mark & Alena by his home in San Jose, CA.

Ziggy in his new home with Natalie in Florida. He turned out to be an absolutely beautiful blue & tan!

Jamie and Sarah doing charity for The March Of Dimes in Philly. Sarah couldn't ask for a better home.

Below is an update of Sarah. She is absolutely beautiful!

Chip with Annie & Family very very spoiled and loved!


Christmas is a wonderful time of year for happy smiling faces. Here are some very happy kids with their new puppy!!


Thanks Pete for the great pictures and sharing with us !!!





Below is Mac he is with his loving family the Endicotts in SC.




This is "Hershey" & "Wrinkles" at their new home in Asheville, NC spending a day on the boat.


The lake has all kinds of wonderful new smells.


The day gets long on the boat, and a nap is always in order.


Sun bathing is a must, especially when you're this cute.


Below are Karrie's Kennels Past Puppies and Photo Album...

She is absolutely beautiful she came from Karrie's Mattie and our one and only Hershey. She is an Isabella and Tan who is now named Lucy.


This is Chevy with his new mommy in Castroville, CA.


Popo and his best pal!

Coming soon some more pictures of Karrie's Kennels past puppies.



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